Half Bridge

The Half Bridge Engine Rebuild has its inlet and exhaust ports enlarged to increase the breathing capabilities of the Renesis engine just like the Street Port but in addition to this the Auxiliary Ports are bridged which means further power increases over the street port but still retaining all the driving characteristics of the Street Port.  There are significant power gains over stock with this type of porting and helps the Renesis pull hard all the way to the red line.

Parts replaced as standard with this build are:

  •  6 x OEM Apex Seals
  • 12 x OEM Apex Springs
  • 12 x OEM Sideseals
  • 12 x OEM Sideseal Springs
  • 12 x Two Piece OEM Corner Seals
  • 12 x OEM Corner Springs
  • 12 x Rotor Inner, Outer, Scrapper Springs
  • 2 x OEM Needle bearings
  • 1 X Pilot Bearing
  • 2 X OEM Stationary Bearings
  • 2 X Bearing Retaining Screws
  • 2 X OEM Rotor Bearings

All necessary seals and gaskets will be replaced, plus 1 X Upgraded oil pressure regulator at 95 PSI.

Further modifications can be requested please see our modification section under Garage Services 

New Price: £2399.99

Was £2700