Advanced ECU Tuning

One of very few companies to be able to offer a bespoke ECU tuning solution to the Rx8 with the standard ECU.  As a result offering real and tangible gains in horsepower.

Advanced: £275 (Naturally Aspirated only) 

The Advanced package offers a full bespoke tuning service and horsepower gains are typically between 10-20hp, with increased power throughout the rev range.  This service is aimed at those drivers with more serious modifications such as; full exhaust systems, intake systems and engine porting, although performance gains can be found on a completely standard car.

This Advanced package includes everything in the Basic package plus:

  • Fuel adjustment – Typically the Rx8 runs better on a leaner fuel map which increases power.
  • Max load calibration – Needs to be calibrated to match what the engine can do post modification.
  • MAF calibration – Mass Air flow sensor tells the engine’s ECU how much air it is getting and therefore how much fuel to add it to achieve the desired A/F ratio.
  • Port opening adjustment – advancing the timing can lead to small gains.
  • Ignition timing adjustment – Advance or retard the ignition timing to suit the modifications.

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