Advanced ECU Tuning

One of very few companies to be able to offer a bespoke ECU tuning solution to the Rx8 with the standard or aftermarket ECU. As a result offering real and tangible gains in horsepower.​

The Advanced package offers a full bespoke tuning service, horsepower gains are typically between 10-20hp on Naturally Aspirated vehicles with increased power throughout the whole rev range. This service is aimed at those drivers with more serious modifications such as; full exhaust systems, intake systems and engine porting, although performance gains can be found on a completely standard car.

​This Advanced package includes everything in the Basic package plus:

  • Fuel adjustment – Typically the Rx8 runs better on a leaner fuel map which increases power.
  • Max load calibration – Needs to be calibrated to match what the engine can do post modification.
  • MAF calibration – Mass Air flow sensor tells the engine’s ECU how much air it is getting and therefore how much fuel to add it to achieve the desired A/F ratio.
  • Port opening adjustment – advancing the timing can lead to small gains.
  • Ignition timing adjustment – Advance or retard the ignition timing to suit the modifications.

This service can be delivered in a variety of packages to suit budget and location.


In person tuning:

  • Road tuning Naturally Aspirated  – £275
  • Dyno tuning Naturally Aspirated – £400 (At MGT Motorsports Nuneaton)
  • Road tuning – Forced Induction – £450
  • Dyno tuning – Forced Induction – £600

Remote tuning:

  • Naturally Aspirated – £275
  • Forced Induction – £450
  • Add hoc changes post complete tuning – £75

The in person mapping can either be carried out on the road or on the dyno, it takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete from start to finish.  You’ll end up with a car that has a bespoke map applied which is more powerful and smoother to drive; our customers say that our tuning delivers the best £/HP modification for the Rx8.

For the remote tuning you’ll need a laptop and a copy of either:

Once you are set up with the software you just purchase a tuning package from RRP, We will then set you instructions on what to do to complete the mapping process which involves driving the car whilst logging the parameters we need to make the changes to your ECU.


How should I prepare my car for Tuning?
You should ensure the car is in good working order, tuning should not be used to mask engine issues. There are a few simple steps we recommend prior to engine tuning:

  • Ensure the Air-filter is clean and recently renewed.
  • Clean the MAF sensor with dedicated MAF cleaner.
  • Ensure the ignition system is in good working order, this includes renewing spark plugs where necessary.
  • Ensure the oil is clean and within the recommended level.

Can I change my intake system after a Remap?
RRP do not recommend changing the intake system after a bespoke remap, this will throw out the sensor scaling potentially resulting in incorrect AFRs being achieved.

Can I change my exhaust system after a remap?
The exhaust system can safely be changed post ECU tuning.