ECU Tuning

One of very few companies to be able to offer a bespoke ECU tuning solution to the Rx8 with the standard ECU offering real and tangible gains in horse power.

Basic: £80.00

This is where no logging (driving) adjustment is required and is aimed at those with minor modifications such as aftermarket coils which need a dwell adjustment or DTC deleting following an exhaust modification.

Other adjustments included in the Basic package are:

  • OMP oil injection rates – Inject more oil for increased lubrication and side-seal cooling.
  • Rev limiter increase -Don’t want to stop at 9000 rpm? you don’t have to!
  • Fan operation temperature – Increase cooling efficiency by lowering the temperature the fans operate.
  • Low temp rev limiter – Prevent wear when the engine is cold by having a rev limiter.
  • VFAD Adjustment – slight air flow advantage can be achieved by operating this sooner.

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