Semi PP Intake

The RRP Semi PP intake engine is getting closer.

Some of you may know that we have been working on this particular engine for a while now along with the Peripheral Exhaust engine we are working on too. We are still going to develop that engine but put it on hold until the intake side is complete.

What is the RRP Semi PP (Peripheral Port) engine?

Well we start with standard power 4 port engine, we use this engine as the base engine as both the exhaust ports and intake ports are smaller allowing us more scope to shape them how we wish to shape them providing the perfect balance between low end torque but while maintaining this as long as possible up the rev range. The 4 Port actually delivers more torque earlier on that the 6 Port, the reason why is due to the size and shape of the Intake and Exhaust Ports.

In addition to this the 6 Port base engine would be seriously complicated to make into what would be an 8 port system. Don’t worry though the RPP Semi PP engine will fit both 192 and 231 cars with just a remap required!

The two new additional intake ports in the housing are different to the standard Side Ports for which opening and closing times are controlled via the side seals. Peripheral Ports are control via the Apex seal. The result being a Peripheral Port will significantly increase the capacity of the intake system, more air, plus fuel generally equals more power.

How are you controlling port timing?

We are designing a complete new intake system with controllable valves, you’ll retain a fully functional Secondary Shutter Value (SSV) in addition to this the PP will also be controllable via the stock ECU probably activating at the point where the Auxiliary Port Valve (APV) does. What you will lose is the Variable Dynamic Intake (VDI).
We will also incorporate a switch to open the PP at idle which will give some serious braps! Move over Bridge-Port the RRP Semi PP has landed!

Why do this?

Well we hope in NA form that this will achieve significantly more power all the way up the rev range than the current 231 and standard 192, but where the 192 drop off we believe we can hold on and increase the torque of the engine. Top line figures may only marginally be better than a very good full Bridge-Port at 220WHP but the area under the curve should be so much better you will really feel it.

The new intake will also make room for a Top mount turbo which in Side Exhaust form will make 400WHP all day long, swap the Side Exhaust for a Peripheral and you’re talking 500/600WHP for a top mount turbo.

Some pics to enjoy for now:

CAD for intake system subject to further refinements.