Stage 1 Bridge Port (Aux Bridge)

The Bridge-Port Stage 1 Engine Rebuild or Aux Bridge as its commonly known has its inlet and exhaust ports enlarged to increase the breathing capabilities of the Renesis engine just like the Street-Port but in addition to this the Auxiliary Ports are bridged which means further power increases over the Street-Ported engine but still retaining all the driving characteristics of the Street-Port.  The Aux Bridge comes into play at 6250rpms when the Auxiliary Port (APV) opens, giving you more power all the way to redline!

Those with a 192Bhp or 4 Port engine will get the stronger 231 6 Port stationary bearings modification as standard, meaning there is no reason why you need to stop at 7,500rpms like you used to but now you can increase you redline to 9000rpms! This conbined with the Stage 1 porting option is a great combination which will add significant power compared to stock.

All RRP rebuilt engines come with a 20,000 mile 12 month warranty as standard which can be extended for a further 12 months.

Parts replaced as standard with this build are:

  •  6 x OEM Apex Seals
  • 12 x OEM Apex Springs
  • 12 x OEM Sideseals
  • 12 x OEM Sideseal Springs
  • 12 x Two Piece OEM Corner Seals
  • 12 x OEM Corner Springs
  • 12 x Rotor Inner, Outer, Scrapper Springs
  • 2 x OEM Needle bearings
  • 1 X Pilot Bearing
  • 2 X OEM Stationary Bearings
  • 2 X Bearing Retaining Screws
  • 2 X OEM Rotor Bearings

All necessary seals and gaskets will be replaced

​Want something more bespoke? Why not look at our engine build configuration tool and configure you own options and then purchase online!

Engine Build Configuration Tool 

Engine only: £2,250 Incl VAT.

Fully fitted service £2,850 Incl VAT.

RRP Auxiliary Bridge