You can download the guide here:

OMP Bypass Fitting Guide*

Step 1

You need to get access to the OMP either from above or underneath by removing the plastic under tray.  In our opinion we recommend accessing it from underneath as this is easier and better access; however it does take a little longer to prepare.

If gaining access from above, disconnect and remove the battery and surrounding plastic shroud.

Step 2

Gather your parts and make sure you’re ready to fit, you will need.

  • The OMP adapter
  • Seal
  • 3 X extended bolts
  • 10mm socket for OMP bolts
  • 14mm spanner for the fitting

Parts included in the kit:

Step 3

Locate the 3 X OMP bolt located as shown in the picture.

Step 4

Remove the 3 x 10mm OMP Bolts.

Step 5

Fit the new seal on to the OMP adapter, we recommend putting a little petroleum jelly or similar on the seal so that is sticks to the adapter. It also stops it pinching when offering up to the OMP.

Step 6

Before fitting the drive, lubricate the Oil-lite bush as shown with engine oil.

Step 7

Insert the drive to halfway as shown, it can only be inserted this way.

Important! Do not push the drive all the way through.

Use the following picture as a guide.

Step 8

Line up the drive extension with the OMP drive key way.

Once offered up to the OMP, push the drive extension all the way home.

Step 9

Now line up the key way with the engine side of the OMP and push onto the drive.

Step 10

Fit the 3 X bolts and tighten to 10-14NM.

You’re now ready to fit your oil storage system.

*This is strictly a guide only, we do not recommend you attempt any modifications yourself if you are not confident in your ability.  Ryan Rotary Performance cannot be held liable for any damages occurred whilst fitting this item.  If you are unsure please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.