Low Mount Turbo

The Turbo

The first thing to consider when designing a turbo kit;

What are your goals from it?

This will lead to a correctly sized turbo for that outcome and application.

Our goals are to:

  • Keep the driving characteristics of the Rx8 meaning no peaky power delivery and a smooth torque curve all the way to a slightly lower redline of 8500rpms.
  • Early spooling, generating boost by 2250-2500rpm and on target by 3000rpm.
  • Internally wastegated to simplify the design.
  • Achievable of generating 300WHP (+350HP)

The Turbo we chose for this is the XONA ROTOR X2C XR5448 which boasts the following features:

  • Oil lubricated from vehicle system
  • Water cooled from vehicle system
  • 54LB/Min HTZ Compressor Wheel
  • 51.5MM Inducer/ 71MM Exducer
  • 54/48MM Turbine Wheel
  • Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing
  • Billet Stainless Steel Lightweight Bearing Housing
  • V- band 0.8 TiAL Housing

Turbo Manifold

The next job now we have the turbo is to design the manifold, now it probably will not come as a surprise but we are producing a stainless steel billet manifold, this will mean production parts are all perfectly the same as well as maximising space which we all know is a limiting factor on the Rx8, especially for the RHD versions.

Manifold Prototype

This design now has gone forward to the manufacturer to produce a fully functional prototype!

  • Stainless Steel 304 CNC machined for precision.
  • Internal contours and channeling to maxmise the gas flow.
  • Utilises internal wastegate mounted within the turbo unit.

Stay tuned for further updates!