Rx8 Modifications

We can offer several modifications for your Rx8,

Extended Street Port ​Engine
Half Bridge Port Engine
Full Bridge Port Engine
Lower Intake Porting ​
Engine Side Irons Re-Nitriding                                        Rotor Housing Refurbishment
Engine balancing
Aftermarket Parts fitting
£625 £300

Rotor House Refurbishment

The Ryan Rotary Performance rotor house refurbishment service greatly improves the performance of your Rx8.

The process involves removing scratches and flaking edges leaving a clean matte surface for your Apex seals to break into.

If you require any more information on our rotor house refurbishment service, please contact us using the button below.

Lower Intake Porting

The Ryan Rotary Performance lower intake porting service help the engine breath.

Lower intake porting can improve the amount of air flow as well as the quality.  We clean and polish the intakes ports removing scratches, rough edges and burrs, leaving a smooth matte finish.

Aftermarket Part Fitting

The Ryan Rotary Performance Aftermarket Part Fitting service takes all the hassle out of upgrading your Rx8.

With our expert know-how we will help and work with you to get the maximum hassle free performance out of your pride and joy.

For more information and no obligation prices please contact us with your requirements using the contact form (link below).