RRP Performance Ignition Coil System MKIII (JDM Compliant)

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Ryan Rotary Performance MKIII plug and play custom ignition coil system with lifetime warranty*  These are the latest improved version of the well regarded RRP MKII coil system. The MKIII system not only offers 10-15% more performance than the MKII but is now completely JDM compliant meaning NO check engine lights for all Japenese domestic Market (JDM) cars (Imports)

The RRP MKII aftermarket performance coil system was the worlds first system designed from the ground up for the Mazda Rx8 (Series 1 & 2 ) utilising the OEM bracket, OEM wiring harness and OEM ignition leads. The MKIII system offers the same fitment benefits but with increased performance, isn’t it time you “Ignite your drive!?”


  • No more conversion wiring looms as with other aftermarket systems these coils use the OEM wiring harness.
  • No add-hoc brackets, these coils will fit the OEM bracket making installation quick and simple.
  • OEM ignition lead connections allow you to keep your OEM leads and/or upgrade at a later time.
  • RRP MKIII coils do not require the car to be remapped like every other performance system on the market, these are designed to work with the OEM ECU settings.


Not compatible with D585 coil ECU settings, using these settings will damage the coils system and void the warranty.

S2/R3 owners will need to cut two spigots off the mounting bracket to fit the coils (about 5 mins work with a dremel)


1. OEM fitting.
2. No additional wiring harness.
3. No additional holding bracket.
4. Compatible with OEM ignition leads.
5. Designed for OEM Dwell table (ECU settings)
6. Lower cost than OEM.


  • 4 X High Energy Ignition Coils

*Lifetime warranty to original purchaser on coils only.