Has The Rx8 Got A Future?

Can You Save Me?

Has The Rx8 Got A Future is indeed a good question when in the next 10 years the future production of petrol driven cars especially in the UK is almost certainly going to end.

The UK is looking to move to all electric motor vehicles by the middle of the century (2050) at least by the year 2030 (which originally was 2040) the UK is predicted to stop the production of fossil fuel driven cars all together in a bid to assist with the production of electric vehicles. We all know that we need to do our bit to protect and ‘save’ the environment, but is a world with all electric cars the way to go?

The Stats Don’t Lie

The carbon emissions in the EU produced by transport alone equates to a massive 30% of all emissions contributed from all sectors. Cars alone are responsible for roughly 60% of that 30% and this is a huge problem especially for the future of our planets already diminishing forests. So how can we future protect these forests that provide the very oxygen needed to run our cars?

The answer to that question is actually quite simple, STOP what we are doing before we ultimately ruin our own chances to continue to exist or even coexist with this beautiful planet we have been blessed to live on; and before it’s too late. Unfortunately it would appear these actions will not be enough to aid the recovery of the polar ice caps.

“It’s no good having the best air-intake system in your car, if there’s no oxygen to take in!”

Can They Actually Stop Making Petrol Cars?

Unfortunately for all of us Rx8 lovers that answer is a resounding, YES they can!

But don’t despair, it’s not over for us petrol head, exhaust popping, injection pumping and turbo boosting fanatics yet. There are still, at the moment a good 30 years of fun to be had before these new legislations come into effect.

So that means that RRP will still be able to provide you services for a long time to come like:

Will Electric Cars Help?

Electric cars are only helpful to the environment if they are produced and manufactured from renewable energy and that goes the same for charging them. It’s simply unproductive to have an all electric car system if we have to burn more coal at the power stations to meet the new and higher electricity demands, and use more fossil fuels to produce them in the first instance.

If we can use renewable energy to produce and charge these electric cars then yes we will undoubtedly be helping the environment. It will also of course mean a new vehicle taxing system….But that’s for another article nearer the time.

Got Any Thoughts?

Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts on our future is.

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